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 Sensory Room

  Sensory room
Sensory room
Sensory Room

A new SENSORY ROOM is open at Crash!Bang!Wallop!. The room provides a place of relaxation & stimulation for babies, young children and their carers. The room has a bubble tube, a fibre optic curtain and lights, a mirror ball, two bean bags, spotlight and projectors, all of which can be activated by the child or carer using push button controls.

The walls and flooring are covered in padded material for the comfort ans safety of the children. Time spent in this room has a soothing affect, promoting relaxation and helping to relieve any agitation. The sensory room can be used by any child visiting Crash!Bang!Wallop! at no extra cost with adult supervision, and has proven to be particularly beneficial to children who have special needs.

Please ask at reception for more information next time you visit, or call 01543 377100.

Hope to See You Soon!

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